Rotherham Data Recovery

Data Recovery Rotherham: From hard drives, external hard disk drives, mass storage devices, network assisted storage (NAS), RAID arrays, mainframes, USB memory sticks, Flash SD memory cards, our data recovery engineers can recover the data from all these and a whole host more. We have helped many thousands of clients over the years (you can see what they have to say on our testimonials pages) and have recovered many thousands of terabytes of data. For more information on how we can recover yours plus a no obligation quote call us today on 0113 3223083.

When it comes to computers many of us simply use them as a tool to carry out the jobs we need to do at work. This is not to say that computer users do not have an understanding of what makes their computer work but when the worst case scenario unfolds and the hard drive or other storage device fails it can lead to something of a panic setting in. Our data recovery Rotherham engineers are on hand however to ensure that the panic is short lived and your data is returned to you safe and sound.

Hard drives fail for a whole host of reasons, chiefly among them problems with the components that go to make up their internal workings, plus issues that can arise with firmware and/or conflicts with software and operating systems. Our data recovery Rotherham engineers have the experience and expertise required to help recover your data and have been doing so successfully now for some 16 + years.

It is often the case that a hard drive or other storage device will fail before a backup has been performed which is why for the most part data recovery is necessary. Regardless of even the most conscientious computer user’s backing up schedule problems can arise if the hard drive fails in between backups which is a common problem.

We recover data from thousands of faulty devices annually

It doesn’t matter if you are a business user running a multi-national company, a government body, an educational institution or the ordinary person in the street, our data recovery Rotherham service can help reunite you with the data that you could well do without losing. We have a whole host of data recovery methods and technology we can use to recover your data including our own unique methods that are based on forensic computing and reverse engineering.

If you have found that the hard drive in your computer has failed and you no longer have access to the data you need contact our data recovery Rotherham team today on 0113 3223083 and a member of the team will be able to provide you with a no obligation quote (there may be an additional charge if the drive has suffered mechanical failure) as well as a preliminary diagnosis of the problem. If you are happy for us to continue we ask that you send the affected drive only (we work with the drive so do not require the entire system) to us here at our data recovery Rotherham and South Yorkshire centre.

Once our data recovery Rotherham engineers have your drive they will make a definitive diagnosis of the problem and report back to you with their findings via email. The email will contain details of the problem as identified by us as well as a list of all the data that can be recovered (if the data is larger than our 30GBs allowance we ask that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If you are happy to continue we ask that you make payment to us via credit or debit card (business or personal is fine) or BACS transfer. We do not accept PayPal. On receipt of payment we will recover and return your data to you via next day courier. For more information on how we can help recover your data and for a no obligation quote call us today on 0113 3223083; lines are open 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday as is our data recovery centre, and an engineer is on hand to take your call.