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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from failed hard disks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you through the minefield of recovering data that might otherwise be considered lost.
Hard Drive Recovery

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Critical Service £795

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Commonly Identified Hard Drive Problems:

Hard drives can fail for many reasons but chiefly among them are physical and software related problems that can happen without warning and leave the user without any storage and also with a potentially costly loss of information. To this end Leeds Data Recovery is here to help and can assist you if you have suffered a hard drive breakdown either due to component failure or software/firmware discrepancy.

Signs of Imminent Hard Disk Drive Failure :

Common signs of a hard drive failure are perhaps things that are happening to your computer just now without you realising that there is a major problem. If you have experienced unexplained reboots or the infamous blue screen of death then you might well be on the way to a hard drive failure. Indeed if you have tried accessing certain files or pieces of data stored on your drive and found the load times to be sluggish and poor at best then there is potentially something wrong with the drive you are using. We can help diagnose such problems and help secure your data before the inevitable happens.

Loss of Data Through Human Error :

The data on your hard drive is only as secure as your hard drive and as much as you might think the drive itself is working fine, the problem sometimes can be through human error. Accidental deletion or the formatting of the wrong hard drive is something that we see on a daily basis and is nothing to be ashamed of. It is something that can happen to the best of us, even the experts, so we don’t judge and don’t condemn. If you have mistakenly erased your data or formatted a drive on which you keep valuable data contact us ASAP and we will endeavour to help you recover it

Dealing with Redundant Hard Drive Printed Circuitry:

If you have ever looked at a hard drive you will have seen that it has a small printed circuit board attached to it through which information is passed determining how fast and how often the hard drive spins. This PCB also holds the firmware which makes the hard drive run – essentially the hard drive’s operating system. There are times when this PCB can be damaged through no fault of anyones and indeed as such can render the disk useless. Many people try to format the drive when it ceases to function like this but the truth is the drive will not format and indeed will not respond. If your drive spins but nothing happens at all then the chances are the PCB and the accompanying firmware are damaged.

Firmware Problems and Solutions:

We deal with firmware issues day in and day out. They are up there among the top ten reasons as to why a hard drive will sudden cease to function. Firmware is a small program that tells the hard drive what to do. In essence it is a disk operating system (like MS-DOS) but smaller and focusing only on the commands necessary to make the hard drive react in the way it should with the components it is connected to.

Operating System Reporting Bad Sectors and Inability to Store Data:

Your hard drive is only as good as the operating system that is allowing information to be sent and received by it. We all have an operating system on the computer we use whether it’s a Windows-based PC or Mac. There are occasions when an operating system will refuse to acknowledge the existence of a hard drive due to a compatibility issue or because the operating system has picked up bad sectors and clusters. These sectors and clusters, if damaged, could well hold vital pieces of information such as Direct Link Library (DLL) files that the operating system needs to function and without them it may consider the hard drive defunct. If you are experiencing problems like this then contact us here at Leeds Data Recovery  and we will do our best to help you repair the drive if possible but most definitely recover your data.

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