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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from cameras. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Camera Memory Card Storage and Read Errors:

Memory cards are designed to store and retrieve information stored by their user on the move. To this end they are very successful and can often be used to transfer data between a whole range of devices from computers to cameras to multimedia players. But sometimes problems occur and the data on these cards becomes unreadable or inaccessible and this can be for a variety of reasons. Generally though the problems occur through damage to the actual cards themselves – or rather – the chip inside the card on which the information is stored. This chip, an EEPROM chip, is a flash memory chip that can normally only be deleted or formatted under specific command from the user but unforeseen errors such as firmware failure or component damage can render the information useless to the casual user.

Memory Card Failure Caused by Damage to Circuitry:

It might not look like it when you hold one in your hands but the memory card has a lot of intricate circuitry contained inside that enables the read/write process that allows you to save your data. Some of this circuitry sadly is prone to failure just as it is with all other storage devices. Within a memory card you will find a small CPU, a flash memory rewrite circuit as well as so-called floating gates and capacitors that allow the information to be stored once it has passed over a thin oxide layer. Damage to the circuitry may result in the card becoming unreadable or inaccessible to you, the user, but we here at can still recover the data using up to the minute technology and a wealth of experience garnered from our experts with over 15 years recovery experience.

Memory Card Electronics Failure:

Electronic components inside a memory card are sadly susceptible to damage and corruption as with any other storage device. Whilst every endeavour may be made by you, the user, to ensure the safety of your pocket storage device there may still be problems arising simply because of general wear and tear or, as we have been dealing with here at, issues arising from power surges whilst the memory card been inserted in an internal card reader.

Formatting or Erasure of On-Card Data in Error:

We might not like to admit it but there are none of us above making a mistake and sometimes that mistake can manifest itself as accidentally deleting important or precious information from a memory card without realising or realising when it is too late. The same applies to formatting a memory card. Unless the memory card has been physically damaged or has suffered a firmware failure the only way for the data to be lost is by mistakenly deleting or formatting it. With this in mind if you find you have done either of these things remove the memory card from its host device immediately and keep it safe whilst contacting us. If no new information has been added to the card since the deletion we can recover it. Likewise if you have not attempted another format since it’s inadvertent formatting then we can recover your data.

Slow Read or Write to Memory Card from Personal Computer or Laptop:

When you first started using a memory card you will have noticed the speed with which information was passed from the host device to the card when saving it or copying it. As with all storage devices after a while degradation begins and this is when problems are more like to occur. If you have checked out all the possibilities including having too many applications open whilst transferring files or trying to copy files that are physically too large then you may be looking at the potential failure of your card. A distinct slowing down of the reading and writing process is an indication (and a good one at that) that something may be wrong with your card. Contact us to find out more.

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