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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Problems that may arise with your Laptop Hard Drives:

For the majority of us who use a laptop we use it in the same way as we would use a desktop computer with the added benefit of being able to take it from place to place. But in doing so problems can arise if the laptop is knocked, bumped, dropped or involved in some kind of collision with an inanimate or moving object. To this end laptop hard drives are susceptible to damage perhaps a little more than their desk-bound counterparts. That said they also suffer from the same hardware and software failings as a desktop PC and we find that at Leeds Data Recovery we deal a lot with laptop hard drive problems that mirror those of their PC colleagues.

Laptop Hard Drive Failure at a Mechanical Level:

The mechanical elements of a laptop hard drive are prone to failure just like a PC or Mac. Internally a laptop’s hard drive is made up of the same components as a PC hard drive just on a smaller scale. With this in mind actuator arms, spindles, head bearings and platters can still all suffer hardware failings and it only takes one of these components to fail in order to render the entire drive useless. And because a lot of these hardware problems happen without warning it is plausible that you have not made an up to date backup and are not in a position to do so. We at Leeds Data Recovery can help you recover your data with the most up to date recovery software as well as a wealth of expertise from our staff.

Laptop Hard Drive Failure Through Power Surge or Outage:

If you live in a highly populated area the chances are your home or office has experienced a sudden surge of electricity without your knowledge. A power surge can be something that lasts a split second but in terms of a laptop or PC can be an event that has far reaching and long lasting consequences. A power surge that sends more than the normal amount of electricity through your household or office supply can render a laptop hard drive, if not the whole laptop, useless especially if it has not been protected using a surge protection unit. We are experts in helping people reclaim their data from hard drives that have been adversely affected by power surges that have rendered their drives and their drive’s components no longer operational

Laptop Hard Drive Firmware & CMOS Battery Failures:

A CMOS battery also known as a BIOS battery is the battery that allows for the continual timekeeping of your laptop or PC when the device is switched off. In addition to this the battery also helps the BIOS which is built into the motherboard on a chip keep a record of how the machine boots up and which drives it looks to for bootable information. These batteries can more often than not outlive the rest of the computer but there are times when the battery – suffering from a slight fault – may fail and leave you unable to start your machine. Likewise the firmware that is contained on the hard drive works in a similar way to the BIOS battery in that it tells the hard drive how to behave when working in tandem with the motherboard it’s attached to. Should either of these two pieces of equipment fail you may find it impossible to access your drive. If you find that your computer is not working because of a faulty BIOS battery (loss of date and time noticeable when you switch on) or firmware failure then we can help you resolve these issues and ensure that your data is recovered to the latest possible version.

Operating System Not Recognising Hard Drive after Reinstall or Update:

The operating system on your laptop works in the same way as it would if it were installed on a PC or Mac (depending on whether your laptop is Mac of course). With this in mind if you have ever experienced the loss of a hard drive because the operating system conflicted with it on a PC you may well notice the signs if it happens again. Such signs are your laptop freezing or rebooting without warning, the hard drive taking longer than normal to spin up and a slower than normal transfer rate when you copy data to and from the drive. We can help you resolve the issues when it comes to recovering the data from such a drive if it is not responding well to a particular operating system and may be able to help repair the drive if possible. But our primary concern would be to ensure that you suffer minimal loss of data if any.

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