Scarborough Data Recovery

Data Recovery Scarborough: Hard drives, external hard disk drives, network assisted storage (NAS), RAID arrays, Macs, Linux and Unix-based machines, USB memory sticks, SD memory cards and a whole host of other storage devices; our data recovery engineers can retrieve the data you need from them successfully and cost effectively, ensuring that you don’t lose the data you need. To find out more information or for a free no obligation quote contact our Scarborough and North Yorkshire team today on 0113 3223083.

Our data recovery Scarborough team are on hand Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm to help you with all of your data recovery needs – be it recovering data from a hard drive that has simply given up due to prolonged use or a portable storage device that has developed a fault without warning. We specialise in the recovery of data from storage devices that might otherwise be written off and find their way into the recycle bin or onto landfill. And in doing so we have helped many clients (see our testimonials page) retrieve data that would have been lost to them permanently otherwise.

But what causes a hard drive, for example, to fail? Well in the same way as the engine of a car might develop a fault if it has been overly used so too can hard drives. And this is more evident for example in the case of a computer that is left on overnight or at weekends over a long period of time. Our data recovery Scarborough engineers can vouch for the fact that, just like television sets which have a life expectancy, hard drives should have a life expectancy but this can never truly be accurate because of the different ways in which individuals users operate their computers.

You may the user of a computer that is allowed a certain amount of ‘downtime’ between shifts or switches it off at the end of the day (or indeed night if you are a home user and are going to bed). Some users simply leave their computers running around the clock which although there is no reason why you can’t do this, is perhaps among the top five listed reasons as to why a hard drive might not last as long as it should. It is indeed often the case that our hard drive recovery services are called upon because a hard drive has ceased to function because it has been overly used without allowing decent ‘downtime’ in between.

Shouldn’t my hard drive last for years?

Yes it should be there are additional factors to take into account – problems with the firmware (or logical board on which the firmware is situated if the drive is an older model), issues with the components if they have been of a substandard batch that has gotten passed quality control, or other contributing factors such as issues with the operating system. Whatever the problem though our data recovery Scarborough team are on hand to help you recover the data you need and return to whatever you were doing before it failed sooner rather than later.

Have you suddenly found your hard drive non-responsive? Is the data visible but not accessible? Has your BIOS reported your hard drive is no longer present? If any of these have happened (or are happening) to you then don’t try to restart the computer over and over, or try a reboot using an operating system boot disk (this may cause an unwanted format to occur which can render the data lost permanently). Shut down your computer and call our data recovery Scarborough team today on 0113 3223083 and speak to a member of our team. They will provide you with an initial diagnosis of the problem during our initial assessment as well as a no obligation quote and explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works (if the drive has been affected by mechanical failure an additional charge may be applicable). If you would like us to recover the data we ask that you send the drive to us (we only require the affected drive) here at our data recovery Scarborough and North Yorkshire centre. You can use (a) the post office, (b) courier or (c) deliver it yourself if you wish.

However you manage to deliver your hard drive to us our data recovery Scarborough engineers will make a firm diagnosis of the problem and communicate our findings back to you via email. The email will also include a detailed list of all the files, folders and directories that we can successfully recover (if the data is in excess of the volume of 30GBs we provide as part of our service we may require that you purchase an external storage device from our stocks). If happy for us to continue we ask that you make payment to us via BACS transfer, credit or debit card and on receiving payment our team will recover the data to its new media and return it to you via next day courier. For more information contact us on 0113 3223083 and ask about the levels of data recovery service we offer depending on your budget and timescale. Our telephone lines are open, as is our data recovery centre, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm (except Christmas Day and Easter).